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Music Themed Bedroom For Your Teen

If your teenage son is a music lover, there are ways to let him enjoy being in his bedroom, by giving him a room that reflects his musical preferences. Below are a few tips on how to get him singing all night long - but in his sleep so that no one else is disturbed.

You can buy music-themed stencils and trace them out along the walls to create a border of musical wallpaper. These may have shapes of music notes such as treble or G clefs. If the wall is light colored, fill in the trace lines with black interior wall paint to allow the stenciled images to pop. Instead of music notes, you could also opt for piano keys as your motif.

For his bedding, black and white would be great, especially to remind him of his piano keys, if he plays the piano. Get a comforter in solid black then accent the look with throw pillows in pristine white. Alternatively, you can purchase a complete music-themed bed set then just add on the throw pillows to accent the look.

Your window dressings, you can play around and use your imagination for a music themed room. You may string up some old CDs or vinyl records on a strong piece of rope or twine and hang them up as a valance on hooks anchored into either side of your curtain box. You may also cut out music notes from solid black fabric or felt then glue them onto a valance in solid white. Or if you wish to stick to traditional curtains for your window treatments, go for black and white printed or solid black or solid white drapes.

If your teen is into classical music, you could frame up sheet music from some of his favorite symphonies by Mozart or Pachelbel and hang them on the walls. Alternatively, if he is a metal head, and at the exact opposite extreme, frame up vintage vinyl covers of his favorite classical rock bands. For more accent ideas, paint a treble clef staff or G clef on the front of his wardrobe.

A shag area rug on his floor would be great addition to his music-themed room. You can find these in solid black solid white or patterned in white and black to complement the whole black and white theme you have going. Or if you are feeling creative, buy two shag area rugs of the same pile; one in solid white, the other in solid black. Cut out music notes of similar size from both rugs then replace with the differently colored rug music note. Hold these in place with rug or duct tape then fluff the rug with your fingers. This is easy to do so do it together with him, and he will always be proud of the wok of his hands.

When he is in his room, his creativity will flow as he has the right ambiance for this, and he will be well on his way to becoming the music virtuoso he has always wanted to be.

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