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wallpaper border removal

How To Remove Wallpaper Borders

So you bought a new house. You love everything about it except for the ugly wallpaper borders in almost every room. Time to get them off the wall. Removing wallpaper borders is not an easy task, but with a few good tips and some elbow grease, you can get the job done.

The best way to remove the wallpaper border depends on what type of wallpaper was used, what type of surface it was glued on and what type of adhesive was used. One of the easiest things you can try is to use a hair dryer to heat the wallpaper border which may loosen the adhesive enough to let you peel it off.

Usually if the border has been glued to wallpaper, it will come off fairly easy. Slightly mist it down and use a plastic scraper to remove it from the wall. If the wallpaper border has a vinyl covering that won't let the water or any commercial wallpaper remover soak through, use a perforation tool over the entire surface of the border to allow it to soak in.

If the wallpaper border has been glued directly onto a painted wall, use warm water and some commercially available wallpaper remover and give it plenty of time to soak in before you try to scrap it off.

Steaming also works well for removing wallpaper borders. Steam the entire surface of the wallpaper border. Start from the bottom to the topmost part in sections. If the adhesive is very strong, steam the boarder twice or more until the wallpaper boarder starts to loosen from the wall. Use a plastic or soft metal scraper to avoid damaging the wall. Scrape the border off the wall working from the bottom up. Use warm water and a clean sponge to remove any remaining adhesive from the wall.

Instead of using a commercially available wallpaper stripper, you can also use a mixture of fabric softener and water. Mix 1 capful of fabric softener with 1 quart of water. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray it right on the wallpaper border. For very strong adhesives, you can also use a sponge and soak the boarder with pure fabric softener.

Another "homemade" option is vinegar. Mix water and vinegar and pray it on, or use an old paint roller and roll it right on the wallpaper boarder. The stronger the wallpaper adhesive seems to be, the more vinegar you should use. Use the vinegar option as a last resort, since it will smell pretty strongly for a few days. Wipe the walls down with a damp rag after you removed the wallpaper boarder to get as much of the vinegar as possible off your wall.

floral wallpaper borders

The Enduring Popularity of Croscill Bedroom Ensembles

Croscill is one among the foremost in style names in bedding. Croscill is known for their high quality, luxurious and distinctive bedding ensembles. Begun in 1946, Croscill initially started out selling window treatments. From their 1st designs they became an trade customary for kitchen, tub and bedroom window treatments. Croscill continued on this path until the late 1960's when they introduced their 1st comforter set. This set named "Arsenic and Old Lace" offered matching window treatments which at that time was never done before.

Continuing with the successful trend Croscill began producing coordinated bed skirts, window treatments and bedding ensembles through the '70's and eighty's. Over time they added pillows, window shades, and even wallpaper and lamps. Croscill was quickly changing into a corporation that set standards within the bedding industry.

The ultimate key to the success of the Croscill Company was the 1993 addition of matching rest room accessories. By giving complete decorating options from bedroom to toilet a customer may design their homes in away that previously only an indoor decorator may provide. The consumer continues to be impressed by their ability to decide on a Croscill comforter set and seamlessly integrate the theme throughout their living space.

Today Croscill offers nearly a hundred totally different bedding ensembles. Every Croscill ensemble includes matching comforter sets, sheet sets, shams, throw pillows, window treatments, and table covers. Some sets even provide coordinating wallpaper borders and tub accessories.

Croscill's newest line is, Wisteria. Wisteria is a floral ensemble with a pale blue photo-framed comforter. This accents the sheets and pillows which have a floral style highlighting Wisteria flowers. The sheets and pillows are deigned with gold and off-white which are stunning when paired with the pale blue comforter. The Wisteria line is one of Croscill's ensembles that can embody an identical rest room style, together with shower curtain, towels and accessories.

Croscill also offers bedding styles in all of the foremost widespread trends. Croscill's Southwest styles embrace, Alpine, Big Sky and Grand Teton. Their Luxury ensembles embody Antoinette, Bellissima and New Castle. Croscill additionally offers up to date designs together with Presidio, Metro, and Boxwood. A few of their floral styles are Greenwich Court, Heritage Crewel, and Pavilion. Finally their stunning tropical motifs embrace British Colonial, Fandango, and Grand Cayman.

Croscill Bedding features a terribly wide attractiveness due to their wide range of designs and quality workmanship. Though Croscill is among the best bedding obtainable they will not break the bank either. Their ensembles are offered at a very affordable price. Croscill's sixty years expertise in the linens industry and their attention to detail, quality and value build them an glorious selection for your next bedding purchase.

beach wallpaper borders

Childrens Beds

When you're purchasing bedroom furniture for your kid then there are plenty of options available and maybe the most significant is the bed. Youngsters beds like the Mid Sleeper Beds and high sleeper beds are distribute of fun as they include more than a bed ; they regularly have shelving, a desk, a sofa or any quantity of other features under the bed and so are amazing for saving space and offering a bed that is more fun the standard single bed.

So, you've got a kid or perhaps two and it's time to start going from the crib to a bed.

If you were purchasing just one kid, then the simplest transition would be to a Baby bed. Your kid is likely some years old and has had enough exposure to hypothetical characters or inspirations to have decided on a favourite theme, so she would potentially wish to have some input in this respect if you are ok with that. This makes the move from the crib to the bed all that less complicated because if you have let your kid have input into the bed of choice, then she'll be way easier to move from the old sleeping area to the new.

Your kid's room should be a haven of imagination. If should be bright, handsome, and snug so all of the castles, autos, fairies, and farm buddies that are featured in books and caught in your kid's heart can come to life with ease.

There are a lot of selections to think about when selecting the right bed for a kid : kids's metal bunk beds, kid's solid wood bunk beds, kids' bunk beds that fuse a twin bed with a futon, and several more.

Plenty of the bunk beds really separate, making 2 distinct pieces of furniture.

The futon on the bottom can be converted from a full-size bed to a couch, giving you great adaptability whilst maintaining simplicity of use. They also come in different styles and finishes ( just change their covers to get new looks for your room ). A daybed with a discretionary wheel drawer makes a handy additional sleeping space.

When decorating a kid's room, it can be hard to make everything come together.

They are superb for children and for teens alike. They make it convenient to select the style that you and your kid like best. With reversible comforters, neutral sheet sets and a pair different accessories, a room can simply be modified as the interests of the child changes. A bedding set for your youngster also will be simple to scrub and offers the child an opportunity to express his / her individuality with ease. In addition, purchasing bedding is noticeably simpler, as the sets contain everything one wants and eliminates the necessity to match colors or styles. Today there are decisions galore : personality bedding's, bed linen, accessories, cover covers, curtains, wallpapers, borders, alarm clocks, blankets, beach towels, rugs, wall clocks, mirrors ( Disney, Postman Pat, Winnie the Pooh, Bratz, Cinderella, Walt Disney, for example. ) and more, depending on your position and imagination.

dolphin wallpaper border

Decorate Your House With the Tropical Wallpaper

These days interior decoration has become must for every home. People are ready to spend a huge amount of money for the decoration of their hours. There are a number of options available and you can select the perfect one that you think is your choice .Having tropical wallpaper is also a good option. Wallpaper comes in so many different tropical designs and styles that you'll have a lot of choice on what you want on your walls. Don't think for one minute that you just have to have a sunset or a beach; you can go much more tropical than that one. Using accessories to enhance your tropical wallpaper will complete the look for the setting that you want. Check out some of the different ways to accent your room.

It works in just about any area of your house these days. Even the once forbidden bathroom now can have beautiful tropical wallpaper in it. A specialized glue adhesive can be used on the back, so it'll stick in those humid areas. While you're at it make sure to place a border with your tropical wallpaper too. Remember though, that if your bathroom is average size a border might not be what you want. Bath accessories will certainly give the visitor the tropical feeling.

Look through out your house, and see if there are other places that you might like to have this decorating choice. Bedrooms are very romantic when done with the right type of tropical paper. Images of a hot sandy beach and a glorious sunset could just make your bedroom a hot place to be. Elegant art deco style furniture along with a Florida theme is very appealing. You can dress it up with large wicker lamps and lots of shell art in cute set outs too. Tropical wallpaper comes alive with details in your room.

The kitchen is another place you can hang it. Galley style kitchens can be enhanced to feel like a ship from the tropics. Exotic fish with bright colors and reef designs are a nice touch you can put in the otherwise drab working area. Or Splash in the splendor of beauty with the wonderful aquatic painting of dolphins and tropical fish in an underwater setting. You can also use palm leaves, and dark green palm leaves that won't show dirt or grease from your cooking escapades in the kitchen too. Don't forget to accessorize this area with tropical magnets, towels, and ceiling lights with the tropical wallpaper.

Other designs that you can find are not the traditional, but are still very tropical. Jungles and forests make excellent decorative uses for a tropical flare. Large black panthers, parrots, butterflies, or even a gorilla styled tropical wallpaper would look great in your den or living room. Add an aquarium of fish and your walls will be the talk of the town. Tropical wallpaper can be in neutral shades too with a hint of sandy texture for a pleasant affect on your wall. Tropical Wallpaper are easy to hang and will consume considerable less time.

In whatever way you decide to decorate with your tropical wallpaper do it with style. Let it soothe you, and transport you to another place that bring good thoughts to your home. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures with your tropical wallpaper. Relax and enjoy our large variety of Tropical scenery .A tropical wall paper can transform any wall in your home into a view of your own private paradise.

dinosaur wallpaper border

Dinosaur Bedroom

A dinosaur bedroom theme is a very popular bedroom design for a boys room. Colorful dinosaurs romping through a tropical jungle can excite a young child's curiosity. The allure of archeological dinosaru digs, paleontology, dinosaur fossils and the ferocious T-Rex often appeal to the older crew.
You sould start with the Walls of the dinosaur dedroom theme or infant nursery.

Dinosaurs are loved among younger boys, and they offer a lot of opportunity for creativity to make their room special.
Another added advantage of doing a room in a dinosaur theme is that it offers him a chance to learn more about these interesting creatures.

Take a few moments to consider exactly what kind of room you'd like to do. You could perhaps re-create an entire jungle scene complete with dinosaurs of every kind, or you could build a desert habitat. It's important to let your child help research which dinosaurs would be in each climate and try to decorate the bedroom accordingly. If he's crazy about one particular type of dinosaur, like the ever popular Tyrannosaurus Rex, concentrate on that creature in particular.

There are so many options that parents can take when decorating a child's bedroom or nursery in a dinosaur theme, dinosaur wallpaper options can be found all over the Internet.
Parents might also consider the more affordable coat of paint for their dinosaur bedroom project. Color choices can range from sand colored tans two suit the pudding paleontologists to a vibrant green of the jungle foliage. With so many options, parents may want to choose bedding and accent pieces first to aid in the decision.

By taking the time to create an attractive jungle scene, you'll really showcase the rest of the room. You could even intensify the outdoorsy feeling by painting the ceiling sky blue if you've got the time and desire.

Once the walls are covered, parents can add a dinosaur theme wallpaper border or try their hand that dino stencils. If they went with the sandy yellows or Browns of you a site, they can use craft paint to add enormous dino bones protruding from the sand. If they opted for the jungle look, they can use different shades of green add two large palm FROND and other prehistoric looking plants. Artistic Parents can use the craft paint to add a towering T-Rex, soaring pterodactyl, gentle Brontosaurus, armored triceratops, or menacing Raptor Jurassic amidst the foliage. Peel and stick wall decals or wallpaper murals are an equally attractive option.
If parents want to leave the walls a solid green, they can add some depth by hanging silk jungle wines from sticky hooks near the ceiling.

You've got a lot of the same options with dinosaur bedding that you do with dinosaur window treatments. You should easily be able to find sheet sets printed with dinosaurs fairly easily. Simply do a Google search for, "dinosaur bedding". If you're looking for something a little more creative, or something that ties into your color scheme a little better you may want to consider some of these options: Get plain sheets and a comforter or blanket in your colors of choice. For example, in the jungle room, you might try brown sheets with a green comforter.

Your child will simply love his or her dinosaur bedroom theme, and will roar like a gaint T-Rex and more than likely destroy the bedroom just like one.

monkey wallpaper border

How to Create a Safari Nursery Theme

Animals make a great baby theme, but if you want to get more specific, a safari nursery theme is even better. This narrows down the types of animals you'll have in the baby's room and ensures that you'll be able to create the perfect space for a little one.

Walls: Start with the walls since this is the best method of transforming a room. You can either paint or put up a mural. In most cases, the color scheme is going to be earthy, revolving around tans and browns. Try a simple tan or khaki on most walls and then do a mural on one end wall. You can easily paint a sunset with animals parading past.

Another fun option is to use wallpaper borders and decals. These are super simple to put up and can totally change a baby's room.

Bedding: A safari theme crib bedding set will help complete the theme. There are quite a few options available and it's usually easiest to buy a complete set. You'll want to have at least two on hand, with extra sheets for when things get messy.

Accessories: Everything else in the bedroom can reflect the safari nursery theme, too. Look for stuffed monkeys, hippos and giraffes for toys. You'll find cute safari rugs, lamps and even mobiles to really put the finishing touches on a room. It's fairly easy to get your baby's room looking safari like. Hang some cute animal paintings on the wall and you're done.

It doesn't have to be difficult to do a baby's theme room. For a safari theme nursery, you could easily finish it up in a couple of days, if you just paint and put up borders. Everything else comes readymade so you don't have to worry about it.

For a safari theme nursery, you could easily finish it up in a couple of days, if you just paint and put up borders. Everything else comes readymade so you don't have to worry about it.

palm tree wallpaper border

Egyptian Interior Design Is A Simple Classic Look

Mention the phrase "Egyptian interior design" and the average person is likely to think, at best, of those ancient friezes of ancient Egyptians in profile. Or, at worst, they will think of Steve Martin performing "King Tut". As corny as the song was, it piqueed interest in Eqyptian styles.

Ancient Egypt has always been a fascinating topic to many and its worth deeper study. When you consider that many of its interor design elements are still used today, you begin to have a new respect for the topic. Egyptian interior design is such a broad subject, it is possible to decorate your home in that style today and not be out of place. You may be going for Ancient Egypt, but you will achieve a modern look.

The style today is so simple yet elegant, it can be even found in businesses. Restaurants have Egyptian themed rooms and other businesses used Egyptian elements in their decor. Of course, it helps if Egyptian restaurants serve authentic food (it is delicious and increasingly popular), but as long as the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, the effect is the same.

One attraction of Egyptian style is its simplicity. It is never cluttered and uses decorative items minimally. It is also focused on earth tones, echoing the sands of the desert. In these respects it is very similar to Southwest decor and can be used seamlessly with it. A home office done in an Egyptian theme can create a serene place that helps you concentrate on the business at hand.

Egyptians valued the Nile River and you can incorporate the blue of its water as an element in your home. Blue is always restful, so try using it in your bedroom for a restful oasis. Or use it in your bathroom blending the blue with the waters of your tub. A palm tree in the corner can carry the effect further.

To get a feel for this style in your home, try it in a small space. Paint your bathroom's walls in an earth tone and add the typical frieze at the top. It doesn't have to be tacky, there are many stencil patterns and wallpaper borders that have an Egyptian feel to them. Use simple but rich Egyptian cotton in your linens and other fabric items. There is a reason it is considered a luxury item. It's high thread count can't be beat for softness.

Egyptian interior design may not be your first thought in decorating preferences but with a little thought you will easily see that it can create a restful oasis in your home or business. Go online or check interior design magazines to see how to use its simple elegance wherever you are. It's truly a timeless classic.

tuscan wallpaper border

Decorating Your Home With Stencils

When most people think of stencils they think of very simple, one-or-two color borders running around the walls, but these days stencils have been designed in multiple layers so you can create real works of art.

I've moved from home to home - first a couple of apartments and then houses - and I know how fun it is to decorate... after the hard work of painting or wallpapering the walls has been done. Wallpapering was the worst - what a lot of work that entails! I made a vow after the first - and only - time I did wallpapering that I'd never do it again.

So when I feel in the mood for a different look in a particular room, I simply repaint the walls, and then add whatever decorations suit me. I've recently started experimenting with stencils.

Applying stencils to a wall is easy - a fact I appreciate greatly - but there is such a wide variety of patterns on the market - either online or from your local home improvement store - that I can make quite sophisticated designs, and all in just minutes.

Most people use stencils just to make wall borders, but there's no reason to confine yourself to just that, considering all the designs available these days. You can stencil an entire wall from floor to ceiling and make it look like a piece of art.

There are many places on the web that offer stencils...and ideas on how to apply those stencils to your walls in order to create works of art that will be a pleasure to view for a long time.

You might think that stencils can't produce works of art, but you'd be wrong. Stencils these days are actually quite complex, with designs coming with several "overlays" so that you apply one coat of paint with one overlay, wait for that to dry and apply another, and thus you can do really complex full-color designs such as fully-realized animals, fruit and vegetables, or even "trompe l'oil" (fool the eye) designs such as a Tuscan wine cellar!

lighthouse wallpaper border

Jazzing Up The Design With Creative Bathroom Tile

Not everyone can afford to completely change the look of a bathroom by switching out the tile. Most people can, however, handle the costs involved in adding a bit of pizzazz to the tile design that's already present.

The look and feel of a bathroom design can be completely altered for the better when decorative tile is added to the mix, even sparingly. The options of places to consider adding new tile without having to totally redo the entire job include four main areas. These are:

* Shower/tub stall edging. It is possible, in some cases, to remove the edging line of tile in the stalls and add something with a decorative flavor. A nautical-themed bathroom, for example, might sparkle with anchor or lighthouse tiles added to the outer edge of the shower design. It might be necessary to hire a pro to remove the old edge and add the new one without damaging the existing inner tiles.

* Backsplash. The sink backsplash presents another option. This area may or may not already have tile present. If it does, chances are it isn't very high or involved in design. This can either be fully removed or a new layer of tile can be added on to create the designer theme desired.

* Walls. The actual drywall bathroom walls can really be spruced up with a tile design. This can be created to take on a theme that can blend in with the shower walls. Some bathrooms, for instance, use plain white tiles for the stall and have elegant, imported clay tiles on the walls themselves. The contrast between the two types of tile can actually be rather spectacular to behold.

* Borders. Adding tile to create a chair rail-like look in the center of a wall or even at the ceiling line where border wallpaper might go can also look fantastic.

Some people might also choose to remove select tiles in the floor or bath stall to add a design flare, but this in many cases does require a pro or a really skilled handy person!

When choosing tile to jazz up the bathroom design, it's important to keep focus on the overall look that's desired. Some potential themes to consider include:

* Splash of color. This works really well for accent tile, such as the edging. This use would involve nothing more than creating a row of solid color tiles to add sort of an outline to the look.

* Theme tile. Many people choose to use patterned or designed tile to add accents to an existing theme. Those lighthouse tiles mentioned earlier, for example. A child's bathroom might have yellow ducks added to the mix or other bath toy type tiles. For an edging job in a baby's bathroom alternating white tile with a designed tile can look spectacular.

* Atmosphere desired. This is another consideration that can be very important. An elegant old world-style bathroom might benefit greatly from imported clay tiles mixed in with stark whites. A romantic or floral bathroom might get a boost from a soft colored outline or delicate print pattern.

While it's not always possible to completely change the tile in a bathroom, it is possible to add to the design or alter it slightly. When a new feel is desired, accent bathroom tile can really deliver.

wildlife wallpaper border

Encourage Your Little Hunters with Camo Bedding

September's almost here, and with it, shorter days, cooler temperatures and a new season. No, it's not just fall. It's hunting season. Time to break out the camo, clean the guns, get up at the crack of dawn, and leave civilization in search of that ever-elusive twelve-point buck.

If you're an enthusiastic hunter, chances are you've been encouraging your children in the hobby as well. And if they enjoy it half as much as you do, then they're probably eager to display their love anywhere they can: with their clothes, books, toys and even their bedroom decorations.

You may not be able to get away with pulling your kids out of school early for "Thanksgiving vacation," but you can encourage your beginner hunter by turning their bedroom into a true hunter's den.

Show your hunting pride with camo bedding

The bed is the biggest piece of any room, which by default makes it the focal point. If you're going with a theme, the bed is the best place to anchor the room and tie it together.

Camouflage bedding is a fun way to spruce up your kid's bedroom with a hunting motif, and there are a number of different camo bedding sets out there. Brands like Mossy Oak, Realtree and Advantage offer camo bedding as well as camouflage clothes in a number of their more popular styles.

Not only does camouflage bedding keep hunting on the mind even when you're at home, but it will also give your little hunters a chance to pick out the decorations for their own bedrooms. It's something they like, and it's something that they were able to do on their own, which adds a nice little thrill of independence to the bedroom decorations. That alone will be almost more valuable than redecorating.

Bedding's not all you can do

Need some extra light in the room? A lamp with a deer engraved in the metal base may be perfect. Instead of a regular old night light, why not get one with ducks painted on the faceplate? If you've thought about painting the room, why not look into a camouflage wallpaper instead, or a camouflage border to go along with the paint? If you're feeling really artistic, you could even do a wildlife mural on one wall.

If you've got antlers or turkey feathers from previous hunts, they might make good wall decorations in your child's room. You could even make shadow boxes with hunting pictures and smaller hunting trophies, like feathers, arrows or spent shells. See what your kids like, and let them make the final decision.

Let your home reflect your hobbies

Millions of people enjoy hunting as a pastime every year, and everybody should have a place at home that reflects their spirit. Help your kids show off their favorite pastime with camo bedding and décor.

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nascar wallpaper border

How To Turn A Child's Room Into A NASCAR Pit

If you have a little NASCAR fan in your home, a great surprise for him or her is to redecorate his or her room in NASCAR items. There is a variety of NASCAR bedding products available for kids of all ages.

If the child you are decorating for is a younger child you can even find toddler size bedding for the sport. Although it may be easier to get at least twin size bedding so your child will not outgrow the room to quickly.

Licensed Nascar bedding coordinates are available in many different styles. If you have a certain driver in mind, chances are there is a bedding set with their name and number on it. You can then match sheets sets, pillows, valances and window coverings and wallpaper border.

If you were thinking about NASCAR in general, you can find that also. The racecars on the bedding make great coordinating room scenes for small children, while the logo bedding is appropriate for older children.

In a small child's room you can get more creative with decorating. Once you have all the NASCAR bedding coordinates you can use some washable paint to paint a racetrack all around the room on the walls. Of course a racetrack wouldn't be complete without cars, so make some car cutouts from sturdy craft foam. These will not harm the walls and the kids can race cars all around the room. If you put some Velcro tabs on the back and a few dots on the track, when the kids are finished driving the cars around the room they can find a spot of Velcro on the track and stick the cars up for later use.

For an older child or teenager there is a great selection of NASCAR Bedding that will show off their favorite sport yet will still look grown up. With the matching NASCAR accessories and coordinates they can have a room where their favorite sport lives on. Wall borders are easy to hang, most using only water and a sponge, yet look as though they were made for the room.

If you have a bathroom in need of a quick makeover you can also get shower curtains, towels, and other bathroom accessories. Painting the bathroom a neutral color then the NASCAR licensed coordinates will add a bit of flair to a previously boring room.

So whether you are an old or new NASCAR fan, you can bring new life to your bedroom or bathroom by adding some NASCAR licensed accessories and coordinates. The prices are no pricier than a traditional bedding set. So go ahead and indulge your child or your self by being the next NASCAR driver if only in your dreams!

dog wallpaper borders

Wallpaper Borders - Borders of Ingenuity

It was a rainy lazy Sunday morning. Everyone in my household was still asleep. As a mater of fact I was still rubbing the sleepiness from my eyes. Lying on my back just gazing around my bedroom walls, there was a horrible feeling that crept inside of me. My bedroom walls just stared back at me with a naked dull expression. Suddenly something stirred inside of me. In fact I new what had to be accomplished. If not at this very second, but soon. Staring around me, now with my eyes wide open, I had a plan. Scrambling through my desk drawer I spotted the book that would get my bedroom walls out of their doldrums.

This fabulous book is an entire catalog of wallpaper borders. With a little creativity and the help of this book, my walls should be ready to hum with delight. There is an abundance of patterns, materials, sizes and designs to fill my decorating needs.

First of all from the table of contents it informed me that there are three types of wallpaper borders. Pre-pasted so all you need to do is moisten and apply. There are also self adhesive wallpaper borders, which are the simplest, just peel and stick. Finally there are wallpaper borders that need you to apply the adhesive to the back. The last one sounded like I would need help from a professional and the choices of paper seemed more expensive. So I settled my search on the first two.

I knew from doing other projects that it is best to choose colors and patterns that would compliment and co-ordinate with the decor of the bedroom. I was undecided if the border should be applied along the top of the molding going around the entire room or if it should be placed mid way on the wall. Both ways would create a totally different and unique effect.

Visually wallpaper borders allow you to work with bold colors and any pattern that would be to massive for the entire wall. Looking through the catalog, I was debating between bright colorful prints that would certainly brighten up the room or a bold dramatic print that would tender a sophisticated style. This finishing touch would accentuate my decor and virtually make the room come alive with its brilliance.

Finally after many hours one of the prints jumped out at me. This had to be the one that would allow the vision that I imagined to appear. So the next step was to order it and get my walls ready for the change. These narrow strips could easily be applied over my painted walls. The walls had to be cleaned and smoothed before their transformation.

After my rolls of wallpaper borders arrived another idea came to me. Gathering my family together I announced that this would be a project that would be fun for all of us. My family all agreed and we started dividing up what we needed for hanging.

My husband, because he is a man, decided he would get the tools together. He felt we had everything that was needed around the house. The material was vinyl backed so it would be easy to clean and was also pre-pasted. He brought into the room a razor knife, ruler, sponges and a shallow bin to wet the paper in. It took the better half of the day and evening to complete. There was also enough of the paper so we could put up a border around the windows and bedroom door. This extra touch was stunning and made the windows and doors the focal points of the room. I could not get over the fact that the room looked larger, softer and felt cozier. This certainly was a quick solution for an eye appealing sight.

With a little ingenuity and your imagination you can realize that anything is possible. With a theme in mind you can create a masterpiece for any room you choose.

toile wallpaper border

Cottage Design Ideas With a Whiff of Europe

Two of the best European cottage designs are the English and the French cottage styles.

English Cottage Design

The basic idea of an English cottage reminisces a rustic dwelling inhabited by local villagers a hundred years ago. Do not try to give it the ambiance of a manor- that is another thing altogether. Instead, think simple and inviting.

-Color Scheme- Since we are playing with an antique look, choose autumn shades. Brown, green, rust and orange work well. You can opt for splashes of washed-out pink or English rose as well. Use these colors for the upholstery, the walls, and the floors.

-Windows and Floors- Think of a quaint roadside café. Use curtains that mimic that style- sheer and lacey. Do not choose curtains that drop below the windowsill. Wooden floors are apt. If you can afford rustic ceiling beams, go for it.

-Furniture- A rustic fireplace is a beautiful piece that defines 'English cottage' perfectly. Get your hands on one if you can. Fill the house with antiques or antique-looking tables and chairs. Don't use highly polished or sleek pieces of furniture. Worn or overstuffed couches or chairs, barrels used as end tables, old tubs, trunks, and cabinets are all good ideas.

-Decor- Look for old lamps, mirrors with intricate frames, ceramic figurines, secondhand books, old musical instruments, hand-crafted rugs and quilts, and anything that inspires a tea party. Old china is an essential. Fill the place with plants and flowers if possible. Carefully chosen little details like these are what give the basic cottage look an English flavor.

French Cottage Design

If the English style proclaims "tea party", the French style screams "Provencal farm". It has a warm country feel, brimming with color and culture.

-Color Palette- Think bold, primary colors like red, green, blue and yellow. Accent these with black to create a perfect balance.

-Walls and Floors- Walls should be stucco or brick. You can improvise in many ways- by using plaster on the walls or applying faux treatment. Supplies can be found in your local hardware store. You can also opt for wallpaper. For the kitchen, find a border with roosters on it. Flooring can be of stone, tile, or wood or a mimicry of these with stencils. Throw in a charming rug.

-Fabrics- Toile, chintz and calico are distinctly French cottage style. Design ideas for toile are to combine white and cream with another bold, primary color of your choice. Calico is a good choice for table linens and draperies. Mix and match patterns.

-Furniture and decor- Faux finishes can be used, as well as natural or light shades. Roosters, flowers, and vines are ideal accents. You can even incorporate your own cottage design ideas by stenciling your own images. Use a lot of farm scenes and animals. Copper and French pottery can be used in the kitchen, even just for display.

If you are on a tight budget, don't fret. Redecorating in either of these styles need not be expensive. As long as you have a stash of cottage design ideas handy, the rest will follow. You can hit a nearby antique store, flea market or garage sale for the pieces, or recycle those old things you've kept away but are no longer using.

discontinued wallpaper border

Re-Decorating on a Budget

Do you, like many other people, long to give your home a makeover but feel that you can't afford it? You know, it is in fact possible to redecorate on a very small budget, and achieve a completely new look in your home. All you need is a few creative touches, and some ideas for saving money.

Thrift shops are a great place to look for people who want to save money on their home makeover. Other options for bargains are resale shops, auctions and yard sales. You can find all kinds of useful items here, including furniture, curtains and accessories. Even dollar stores can sometimes be a source of great accessories.

Dollar stores sell items which the major retail stores have discontinued and stock any items they can source. Therefore you can find brand name items which normally would be out of your price range, much cheaper than usual. For example, say you wanted to buy a wallpaper border or brass picture frame, but can't afford home improvement store prices. It could well be worth your while looking in a dollar store.

You might even surprise yourself by finding that there are some useful decorating accessories stored away amongst your own things at home. You can revitalize all kinds of old items, such as dishes, pictures, clothing and ornaments. With a bit of creativity you can create great accessories and art objects out of these.

Not only does it cost less to create your own art but it is very rewarding! A collage for example is very easy to do and lots of fun. Get a cork board, such as you would pin messages onto, and a paint-by-numbers picture of poster which fits inside the board's frame. Using a color to match your chosen décor, paint the board's edges. Then glue the poster, using a glue suited to cork and paper, inside the frame. Staple round the edges too for extra strength. Now sort those old dishes and glass ornaments according to color, putting each color in a different pillow case, and then smash them to pieces with a hammer. Glue these onto the picture according to the color guide. If you have to fill some edges in, white pottery is a good idea for this. When all the space is filled in, you have a great art work, costing less than $10! There are lots of other things you can do like this, just by putting some thought and time into it.

Old clothes will come in handy as well. Choose ones which are your favorite prints or colors and cut these into different shapes. Get two of the same shape, say two squares, and sew them together leaving an opening, fill with PolyFill and then sew the opening up. Now you have a unique throw pillow! Ten pillows like this can be made for what one would cost you in the store. Make lots and add color and depth to your room.

Now that you have saved all that money by making your own accessories and art, you can splash out and buy one quality item. The best investment is a rug, because they will last for years. A rug can fit any decor, come in all kinds of colors, sizes and shapes, and will make a great focal point for your room. Not only that, but a rug protects your hardwood floor and can be cleaned more easily than carpet. So you keep saving money and time well into the future! Since you are redecorating on a budget, however, look out for rugs which are discounted or on clearance.

nfl wallpaper borders

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Football Fan

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, the time has come to start agonizing over what gifts to give. Who hasn't spent hours at the mall or the toy store, staring at shelves and shelves of action figures, Barbie dolls and video games, and wondered how to choose the perfect child's gift, be it a son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild?

It's easy to buy into the idea that we must get the most technologically advanced gifts in order to win a child's love, but that's not necessarily the case. You want to pick something that they'll enjoy, that shows you know what they like, not that you're just assuming they're like "every other boy/girl their age." If the child you're shopping for happens to be a football fanatic, then something like NFL or college football bedding would be the perfect gift.

This isn't like getting them a toy they'll enjoy for five minutes and then toss, or an expensive video game system that they'll play with only a few months till a new one comes out. NFL and college football bedding is something that they'll see every day and that they'll be able to enjoy for years to come. When everybody else is giving them toys, your gift will stand out from the pack.

Choosing what to get

Bedding is a gift idea that not many people will consider, but as long as you pick the right team, NFL or college football bedding can be a unique gift that's perfect for a budding football fan. Bedding, comforters especially, is functional, lasts a long time, and has a lot of visual impact in a room. If you're giving a gift to a niece or nephew, or other child that you don't live with, check with their parents first to make sure a bedding gift would work in their room.

If they've already got NFL or college football bedding, it's easy to find matching accents to help them display their team spirit. A valance or drapes for the windows in their room is one such idea, or perhaps a pillow or blanket that would not only decorate their bed, but also provide them with warmth and a soft place to sit when they go to football games. You could also get a team logo rug for their floor, although you'll have to get measurements from parents to make sure you don't get one that's too big.

College football wallpaper or borders is another idea, though a dicey one if you're not buying for your own kids. You'd certainly have to get parental permission before you gave it, and you'd also need to offer a few hours (or even a weekend) of your own time to help them put it up. No parent wants to get stuck with extra work because of your present.

Think outside the box this holiday season

Don't be yet another relative who gets a Christmas gift they think kids will like, instead of finding out what they definitely like. Give them something that they're passionate about, and you'll not only be giving a cool gift, but a cool gift that's full of sentimental value because you're the relative who got them the awesome Dallas Cowboys comforter instead of the Encyclopedia Britannica CDs.

Come Christmas, NFL or college football bedding and accessories could put a smile on the face of your favorite football fan.

heart wallpaper border

Ceramic Wall Tile - Can You Feel Your Heart Beat?

When I think of ceramic wall tile I think of how beautiful a room can truly be. Whether you are wall tiling a kitchen, dining room, hallway or bathroom, this tile will bring out the magnificent luster that is natures own.

This manifestation of clay and fire is something that can only be describes as a gift from God that has been passed down through the ages. This craft of creating art from what we have an abundance of, that being the ground we stand on, has only improved with time.

These artisans who have passed down through the years their craft only to have future generations develop, with their own creative minds, an ever evolving and improving form of art known as ceramic wall tile.

In the beginning there was a limited selection available to those of royalty and power. Down through the centuries this ceramic tile became more available to the masses and was attainable to all who had but a little to spend or barter for.

Today, more than ever, ceramic wall tile has become the standard for covering walls with an extremely powerful presence. When you enter a room that has been finished in ceramic wall tile, you know, that whoever had the creative mind to add the artful touch of ceramic tile to the walls knew the heart pounding emotional effect it would have on anyone who entered the room. This feeling is truly magnificent.

Do you have any idea of just how many styles, shapes, colors and finishes are available to you in ceramic wall tiles alone? With that in mind, you can create an effect all your own just by combining different styles shapes and colors to make a wall tile masterpiece that is original and truly all your own.

Just take a moment and imagine what would happen if you combined the major surface of your walls with Bone Speckle with a border running near the top and near the bottom of each wall with Topis Barcelona trim size (3' x 3') tile. Add to that some miscellaneously placed Topis Barcelona (6' x 6') tiles and you would end up with a ceramic wall tile masterpiece that would make you heart pound.

Here's another idea. This time imagine the major surface of your walls done in Riviera Sapphire ceramic tile. This beautiful deep majestic blue would be perfect with a top and bottom border of Linea Colonial Sevilla ceramic tile. About three or three and one half feet up the wall and going around the entire room would be two rows of Braganza Portuguese ceramic tiles.

I put these combinations of ceramic wall tiles together while I was writing this information. It didn't take long for me to create surrounding walls that would bring a feeling of warmth rushing through my body that no other wall decor is capable of producing. This is truly an interactive form of art that you have no limits on what you can create.

Ceramic wall tile is now available in so many art forms that you have unlimited opportunity to create walls that are uniquely all your own. If you are looking for wall decor that does more than just look great, then this wall decor will also make you feel great. Now is your opportunity to perform magic on a room. Go for it!

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

winnie the pooh wallpaper border

Planning a Winnie the Pooh Themed Baby Nursery

There are many themes you can choose from when planning a baby's nursery. Probably one of the most popular and beloved themes for a baby's room is Winnie the Pooh. A Winnie the Pooh nursery theme is a great choice for many reasons. First, it works great for a boy or a girl. If you don't know your baby's gender or if you are planning to have more children, a Winnie the Pooh baby nursery is the perfect fit. Another reason a Winnie the Pooh room is a good option is that due to the popularity of it, you will have no trouble looking a wide selection of Pooh baby bedding and other Pooh themed nursery items such as art work, rugs, hampers, and lamps. You will even have your choice of regular Pooh or Classic Pooh.

Here are some ideas for decorating a Winnie the Pooh themed baby nursery:

Find a Pooh baby bedding set that you like and buy all the coordinating items that you would like to use. Items that you can usually find to match you nursery bedding include window valances, a hamper, table lamp, and crib mobile.

Decide how you would like to prepare the walls in your Pooh nursery. You could simply paint them white or a color that compliments your Pooh bedding. Another option is to use a Winnie the Pooh wallpaper and/or a wall paper border on the walls. Stenciling Pooh and his friends on the wall is another cute option. For something really dramatic, you could hire an artist to paint a mural of the 100 acre woods on one wall of the nursery. This is an expensive option, so if you have a tight budget for planning you baby's room, you will want to consider other options such as purchasing Winnie the Pooh wall stickers to accent the walls.

Finish up the room by adding the little touches that make it cozy. A nice Winnie the Pooh rug will warm up the floor. Décor for the wall can include Winnie the Pooh art work or wall hangings. The baby quilt from the Pooh bedding set could be hung on the wall as a wall hanging since it is too bulky to use for a newborn baby. You may want to add some Winnie the Pooh touches to the nursery furniture as well. Pooh knobs could be added to the dresser and Pooh could be added to the ends of the crib by stenciling, painting, or applying decals of Pooh to it.

When planning your Winnie the Pooh nursery, keep an eye out for items you can use. Pooh merchandise is available all over the place so you may find things you can use in your room in the most unexpected places. Also don't feel that you have to use only Pooh décor in the room. Non-Pooh items may also fit nicely and compliment your rooms décor. Just use your imagination to be creative and you will be able to create a wonderful room for your new baby.

golf wallpaper border

Beyond Borders

Humans are peculiar creatures and being strange, their minds most often amuse their psyche with unusual tricks. These mind performances frequently deceive the individual and trigger an element of confusion between the reality of the moment and an active imagination. I would volunteer that this oddity of nature was precisely the case involving my cat C-Dee and my self. I obtained C-Dee as a pet when she was a mere kitten of only six weeks of age. C-Dee had essentially grown up with me from my first year in high school until her untimely departure.

Our lives were intermingled as we seemed to share a similar "free bird" style of temperament and usually got along quite well with each other. I would lay in my comfortable bed in the morning not really wishing to get up when C-Dee would leap onto my cot and begin nibbling lightly on my ears in her effort to wake me up as if she knew it was time for me to get ready for school.

In the evening when I would return home after a busy day C-Dee would be sneakily hiding behind the living room door. It was uncanny how the cat could sense exactly what time I was expected to make my entrance through the front door of the home and begin my journey through the living room. Each time the door was opened and I walked in C-Dee would patiently wait for the proper moment and then leap out from behind the door as she mischievously attacked my leg. It was kind of amusing watching her dexterously hold onto my leg as I walked from room to room around the house.

Even though I was an active teenager with a demanding social schedule, I always managed to make the necessary time to entertain C-Dee which contributed significantly to the eventual bond established between the two of us. Visitors would repeatedly comment how C-Dee would act more like a pet dog then she did a feline.

It was not unusual to find that in the middle of the night C-Dee would linger until she was convinced that I had fallen fast asleep and then she would stroll down the hallway towards my room. Being an older home and having no form of carpet upon the hallway floors you could readily hear the cat's paws as they scraped and dragged over the boards of the floor, slowly making her way towards the confines of my bedroom.

Upon arriving at my bedroom C-Dee would swiftly leap onto my bed and proceed to cuddle up across my legs and feet. This ritual was predestined to become a nightly ceremony and I can imagine with a degree if certainty that both C-Dee and my self looked forward to the act each evening. Since C-Dee had grown into a very large cat it was easy to distinguish when she leaped upon my bed, as I was instantly awakened long enough to detect that she had laid herself across my legs at which time I would once again doze off.

I memorized that fateful day when we had just been given several Alaskan Husky dogs and were attempting desperately to locate suitable homes for them, when my cousin came to visit. Knowing the dogs in question, she was given strict orders not to remove the dogs from the basement since their combined strength would easily overwhelm her. One evening as I returned from school I felt an odd sensation. My heart felt heavy with sadness but at the time I had no explanation as to why. As I opened the door of our home and proceeded to walk into the living room I was greeted by a frightful sight. No sooner had I entered the room when my eye quickly caught the two powerful Husky's busy mercilessly mauling C-Dee. I ran to the location of the attack and try as I did there was simply no way I could get them to release the cat from their clamped jaws. Poor C-Dee died helplessly in my arms that evening. No longer would I walk into my home and find the playful cat hiding behind the door. No longer would I awake in the early hours of the morning to the playful nibbling on my ears. Those days were now gone forever and all that will remain is the memories.

I took C-Dee's death very hard and was understandable distressed for several weeks after the incident had transpired. I was still too young to fully appreciate the concept of death and as such was bothered greatly by the incident, so much that I experienced difficulty sleeping in the weeks ahead. One night as I lay in bed and pondering the events of the past several weeks and despondently thinking about how much I missed C-Dee, I finally managed to fall asleep. During the early hours of the morning I was abruptly awakened at the all familiar sound of the floor boards in the hallway. Fear hastily overtook me and my imagination drifted in all sorts of morbid directions.

"What could it be," I thought, "Perhaps we had a burglar in our home".

As I lay trembling with my blanket held close to my face, I all of a sudden felt the bed shake slightly as if something had hastily and forcefully vaulted onto it. Within moments of the jolt I felt overcome with a warm feeling flowing across my legs. For some bizarre reason I now felt calm and no longer afraid while within mere seconds I was once again sound asleep.

After several days had past and as I began thinking about that unique evening, I vividly remembered the series of events as they had occurred. I clearly recalled all the sounds that I had heard and what transpired prior to my dozing off again. Although the complete situation appeared to be a bit odd to say the least, I decided that it must have been my mind playing havoc upon me or was it C-Dee who had come back to provide me with one last minute bit of comfort before moving on? Perhaps we shall never know for sure.

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laundry room wallpaper border

How to Love Your Laundry Room

Have your ever thought about how many hours you spend in your laundry room if you added them up at the end of each week? If you're like me there are very few days that go by without doing at least one load of laundry. This being the case, it makes perfect sense to decorate your laundry room in a style or theme that pleases you and helps the chore of doing laundry a little more enjoyable.

What makes you happy and pleases your eyes? Is it the beach, antiques, art work, the color red? Whatever it is, just remember that you don't have to decorate your laundry room in the same style or theme as the rest of your house. The first step to decorating your laundry room is to pick a theme. Whether it be a tropical them or a vintage them, carry it out through your entire laundry room.

For example, I decorated my laundry room in a vintage theme. On my neutral colored walls, I placed a collection of vintage washboards on one wall and a faux antique piece of artwork on another wall. I also added a few authentic old irons on a shelf mixed in with vintage detergent boxes. To continue my vintage theme, I added an antique looking wallpaper border close to the ceiling with old looking irons and washboards on it. To give the room a cheerful look, I added a collection of weathered baskets and greenery on the top of the cabinetry above the washer and dryer. I placed coordinating throw rugs on the tiled floor to cushion and comfort my feet while I'm doing laundry. Finally, I added the perfect window treatment to let just the right amount of light in and make my laundry room look complete.

If you choose not to use a decorating theme in your laundry room, you can easily liven up the room with colorful paint on the walls, updated or painted cabinets, artwork, flowers, and upgraded flooring. Be sure the flooring is forgiving of spills. Vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and ceramic tile are a good choice.

If you decide to paint the walls in your laundry room you may want to paint only one wall leaving the other walls neutral in color. Deeply hued paint colors will reflect on the clothes making it difficult to see stains. If your laundry room has fluorescent lighting, which has a blue cast, neutral colors with yellow undertones can help combat the blue.

Perhaps the best way to love your laundry room is to organize it so that you know where all of the detergents and stain removers are. The following tips can help you organize your laundry room.

* If your laundry room has counter space, keep it uncluttered so that you can use it for folding clothes. If you don't have a counter in your laundry room, purchase a small melamine table which is stain resistant and water resistant to provide you with a space to sort and fold your laundry.

* Store detergents, stain removers, sponges, and other laundry room supplies in a cabinet or on a shelf above the washing machine. You might also want to install additional shelves or premade cabinets in your laundry room for additional storage.

* Opt for an ironing board that can be mounted on the wall or an over-the-door style. The over-the-door style requires no installation and hangs over the door frame, drops down when you need to use it, and snaps back in place when you are done.

* If space is an issue, consider installing a retractable clothesline for air drying clothes. This type of clothesline is convenient, affordable and easy to install.

* Purchase a laundry hamper on wheels so that you can move it out of the way when necessary.

* Consider hanging laundry bags that will help you to presort laundry on a daily basis. This setup requires no floor space so it is ideal for a small laundry room.

Decorating your laundry room in a style that pleases you may in fact change your attitude about doing laundry. Since laundry is a daily chore for most of us, we might as well try and make the best of it with a great laundry room!

waverly wallpaper border

Shop4Wallpaper.com Designs Custom Mural Featured on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

[Cleveland, OH - May, 2007] - Online retailer Shop4wallpaper.com (S4W) owned and operated by 4walls.com has donated several custom digital wall murals to the primetime Emmy Award-winning show, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The show's design team arrived in South Carolina to build a home for a grandmother and her four grandchildren, who had been living in a run-down trailer. Partnering with Set Wallcovering Systems and 4Walls, S4W designers collaborated with the show's design team to create a customized mural for one young grandson who idolizes Spiderman. Completed from concept to production in only four days, S4W designers selected images and elevations, and helped with cropping, editing and coloration to create customized panoramic wall murals of a New York City skyline, Spiderman's main stomping ground.

"We completed this job from start to finish, including evaluating several different source images," said Dave Ruel, Digital Production Manager at Shop4Wallpaper.com, who was responsible for digital file preparation and enhancement. "Set Wallcoverings is one of our closest partners, and they invited us into this job as a result of our expertise in digital printing, and acted as the main liaison with the producer from Extreme Makeover staff."

The custom wall murals appeared on the show March 25, which brought the Wilson family the chance to move out of their trailer and into a comfortable and safer new home. According the show's team, the custom wallpaper murals were well-received by the Wilson family, and exceeded expectations.

"This job really showed the strengths and possibilities of using digital printing," said Pat Walker, President of 4Walls.com and Shop4Wallpaper.com. "The impact of the New York City skyline on the theme - a Spiderman room - was dramatic and young Tim Wilson was overwhelmingly delighted with his new one-of-a-kind kid's room mural."

baseball wallpaper border

Ideas on Creating a Baseball Themed Baby Nursery

Turning an infant boy's room into a baseball dream is easy with the use of baseball crib bedding and the accessories. Since children do not stay the same size for very long, these themed rooms can be converted into toddler rooms with ease. All little boys love baseball and will enjoy this room as he grows.

When creating a themed room, for the baby boy, start with the walls. They can be painted with the exact shade of blue that is found in the baseball crib bedding. Many paint stores will be able to mix the paint to match just about any color. The walls also could also use a wallpaper border to keep with the baseball theme. These borders are usually pre-pasted to making hanging them easy. The border can be hung close to the top of the wall for taller rooms or, in the middle of the wall to separate two different paint colors.

Keeping with the baseball theme is easy when a nursery set is purchased in a bundle pack. These packs usually have the comforter, bumper pad, sheet and dust ruffle. Look for bundle packs that match other accessories of the same theme. Curtains, full or just a valance, are perfect for a baby's nursery. Lamps are also perfect for nurseries and can come with the baseball theme included into the design. Use the lamps on top of the dresser and, if there will be a rocking or gliding chair in the room, use a lamp on a small table beside it. Baseball mobiles are a perfect addition to a crib and a themed infant's room. They give the infant something to look at and will have a small music box attached to the handle so the child can listen to it while trying to fall asleep.

Wall hangings give any type of room a visual statement. Baseball themed wall hangings, used in an infant's nursery, will often be created from cloth like material. Wall hangings can also be purchased in rolls of wall stickers. These are perfect for baseball themed nurseries as the pieces can be placed and moved when needed. These wall stickers can even help to decorate other items in the nursery, such as a diaper pail.

Other accessories, that should be added in an infant's nursery, include diaper stackers, changing table pads, receiving blankets and a rug. All of these items can be found with the baseball theme included in them.

cat wallpaper border

Decorating With Black And Silver Wallpaper

Black and silver wallpaper, when used properly, can create a sensational look to your home or office. The combination of black and silver gives a dramatic effect and a sophisticated feel to your surroundings. However, it is important to exercise a little bit of restraint with it - when used in excessive proportions, it will make your room look unglamorous instead of elegant.

A bathroom covered in a splash of silver and black colors can be very beautiful and versatile at the same time. However, if you don't want your bathroom to be completely set like in a 50's movie, you can add bright color in small doses, such as pastel-colored towels, full-hued bath mats, and other small accessories. If you decide to cover all your bathroom walls in black/silver wallpaper, keep your ceiling a lighter color to give it a roomy effect. A red ceiling and black walls can work, but it will "shrink" the area, so go for silver, white or gray. You can also try shiny finishes in your bathroom, such as metallic silver, as it reflects light and easier to clean. The frame of your vanity mirror can also be painted black, but make sure it does not directly face a black wall (preferably a light fixture or anything with a bright color) so the room doesn't feel like a cave.

For the bedroom, check out your local wallpaper store for cool wallpaper designs such as black and silver rectangular tiles, or an elegant marble pattern. The furniture can be of whatever color you like as long as it does not stand out awkwardly from the rest of the room. Try lighter hues for your accents such as honeydew, turquoise, teal and other ocean colors.

For the living room, silver is a great background for your black-and-white photos framed in black. You can also do the opposite: a black wall with silver or steel frames.

Other decorating tips for your living space:

Put up black and silver wallpaper separately on adjacent walls, instead on opposite walls, to get a fascinating corner effect.

You can buy also mirror stickers at the craft shop and use these to create a pattern on the black wallpaper, or "borders" around a framed photo or a painting hanging on the wall.

For those who love DIY projects, draw abstract patterns or geometric shapes on your bare walls, and then color them in with black and silver.

You can also add splashes of bold colors, such as orange and yellow and other unexpected color combinations, to give your living room or office a fun and modern look.

Many people shy away from using black on their walls, but when done right, you end up with a chic and cosmopolitan room with a great wow-factor. If you're afraid to commit to a particular wallpaper, ask for a large sample piece and tape it to the wall. You'll know after a few days if it's the right one for you or not.

tropical wallpaper border

Seven Great Tropical Wall Decors

The interior wall of a room, house, or office is practically a blank canvas. By putting some artwork on it, you can add character to any place in the house. That artwork can be a beautiful design painted over a part or the entirety of the wall; a sculpture, a painting, a picture, or a mosaic hung over it; or even an artful display of light projected on the wall.

One of the best themes of wall décor art is a tropical theme. This theme goes very well with houses, condominium units, studio rooms, and apartments on the beachfront.

There are many decorative wall décor items on sale that gives a wall a beautiful tropical theme. Here are some of them that you can order through the Internet.

1. Palm Grove Wall Art Set

This is a two-piece wall panel set from the Palm Grove Collection. The resin set features Sago palm shaded with warm, tropical colors of palm green, sage, and bisque. The frame is bordered square shapes made of faux coconut shell. A set costs around $129.

2. Finches in Tropical Foliage Metal Wall Sculpture

This beautiful sculpture features three Gouldian finches top of foliage of tropical plants. The foliage includes papaya colored orchids and fruitwood for added dimension. The tropical wall decor, which costs around $94, is handcrafted and hand-painted by Joanne Ferrara.

3. Tropica Three-Piece Wall Art

This framed sculpture consists of three panels with stunning works of art. Lush tropical leaves are formed from welded metal with shades of greens, browns and tans. The frame is made of bronze with an antiquated tone. A whole set includes one large 31-by-19-inch frame, and two smaller 31-by-11-inch frames. A set costs $56.

4. Beach Room Faux Window

Even if your home is not in the tropics or is not located on a beachfront, you can still incorporate a tropical theme to it. The beach room faux window frame constitutes a tropical beachfront view through an open window. In other words, it is like looking through a tropical ocean through a window! The artwork is original and features a pretty color palette.

5. Sea Shapes

This simple but handsome décor features a nautilus shell. The border is silver in tone while the background features a calm sea green color. It is covered in tough clear acrylic which is shatterproof.

6. Three Dimensional Tropical Fish

For a really unique tropical wall décor, try this new Outer Edges home décor. The set, which consists of sculpted wooden fish, is hand painted and three dimensional. The colorful tropical fish can be installed on any wall very easily. When placed on wallpaper with a marine theme, it would look like fish swimming on your walls. This is indeed a very unique décor.

7. Isle Tropical Mural

This large mural can cover an entire wall. That means, every time you wake up facing the wall, you will face a peaceful lush seashore with tall palm trees, blue waters, verdant hills, and cotton clouds. It can act as a wallpaper.

tractor wallpaper border

How To Get A Job Fast

In today's unpredictable economy, the idea of job security with any company would seem to be a thing of the past. Large company layoffs, golden handshakes, mergers, leveraged buyouts, company acquisitions and similar business moves have left people of all ages out of a job they need to live.
While there may be some compensation upon being let go from the firm you work for, this money won't last forever. Or, if eligible for unemployment benefits, this also has a finite period of time attached to the check. Sooner or later, job hunting will be necessary.
But it's not only individuals who have been turned out of jobs that this booklet can help. How happy are you in the business you're in? Do you long to do something else with your career? If so, you're not alone. You have plenty of company in wanting to change one's goals and focus in life.
Perhaps you've just turned 40 and realize that you're into the second half of a working career you've never really liked. Studies have shown that working in a job because you have to, not because you like it, can have some effect on an individual's life span. Why take years off your life when you don't have to?
The problem for most people in these situations is that they're not sure where to start. They've either been tossed into this situation unexpectedly and are trying to make decisions on the run or they know that they at least have a paycheck, so they postpone thinking about trying to focus in on a job hunt for something they truly like to do.
Well, cheer up! This booklet will help you re-focus, identify the skills you have, narrow down the type of work you like to do and give you a number of outlets to gather information from in prospects of landing that job that will take you through contentedly into your retirement years. The best news is that this doesn't have to be a long, drawn out process. You can label your transferable skills and acquire helpful data within a few days! It's not a year or two effort we're talking about.
The secret is knowing where to look, what to ask and how to narrow down the type of job you'd not only enjoy, but be pretty good at, too! So much of this is understanding what makes you tick! Who better to identify this than you? This booklet will give you some pointers in doing it, but it will be up to you to take the time to really analyze what it is you like and want to do. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will give you the power to change your life!

Identifying Your Skills
What are you good at?
Have you ever thought about it? In a truly critical, analytical way? Have you actually sat down and listed your skills and capabilities?
This may seem basic, but it's not. Even if you've attempted to start a list, it is very likely you didn't go far enough or deep enough and thus missed a few outlets for your skills that might very well unlock the key to your career future.
The following exercise can help you truly identify the skills you currently use (or maybe not use) and this will set the stage to see if they're transferable to another industry.
There are three major categories of skill identification. You deal with people, things and information everyday. In each category, this requires a skill or combination of several skills. You might not even realize the extent of your ability in an area. You probably know what you're not good at or what you don't like doing, but pinpointing exact skills is not necessarily easy.
People. Let's divide your skills at dealing with people into working with individuals and working with groups.
Individuals: In working with individuals singly, are you good at:
* communicating in direct conversation or on the phone? * communicating well by the written word? * helping, serving or receiving and carrying out instructions? * referring people, or helping put two people together? * advising, monitoring, coaching or counseling? * teaching, instructing, training or tutoring? * persuading, motivating or selling? * assessing, evaluating or interpreting others? * diagnosing, healing or treating?
Groups: In working with organizations, companies or associations, are you good at:
* making presentations? * communicating by written word like a newsletter? * public speaking? * leading or moderating a group discussion? * preparing seminars or other educational events? * training large groups? * consulting or giving advice? * leading or taking the lead? * coaching others in recreation or exercise? * performing, acting, singing, amusing or inspiring? * motivating, persuading or selling? * negotiating a settlement of some kind? * following through, getting things finished, producing? * managing or running a business? * supervising? * initiating or beginning a concept, idea or business?
Think carefully about each of these items. Answer fairly and honestly. There's no reason to try and fool anyone. This is not a personality test! You're simply attempting to frame your likes and dislikes about dealing with individuals, singly or in groups.
Compile your list of definite yes and no answers and write them down. Keep them handy for future reference.
Things. There are, essentially, six major categories of working with various things. These things are identified as objects (tools, instruments), equipment and machinery or vehicles, materials like cloth, wood and clay, your body, buildings or homes and raising or growing things.
Objects. Do you have specific skills in dealing with food, tools, instruments or the like in:
* handling? * washing? * preparing? * maintaining? * producing? * creating? * repairing? * cleaning? * knowledge? * cooking? * preserving? Equipment. Are you good at working with some type of machinery or vehicle in:
* driving? * controlling? * assembling? * repairing? * cleaning? * disassembling? * maintaining? * operating?
Materials. What is your skill level with items such as clay, jewelry, metal, wood, stone and cloth as far as:
* cutting? * painting? * crafting? * restoring? * weaving? * sewing? * carving? * molding? * shaping? * refinishing? * sculpting?
Your Body. Are you good at using:
* your hands? * motor coordination? * physical coordination? * your fingers? * your eyes? * your eyes and hands in coordination? * your strength? * your stamina?
Buildings. Do you have a particular affinity and capability for:
* constructing? * remodeling? * decorating? * designing?

Raising or Growing. Are you able to successfully:
* train animals? * treat animals? * garden? * landscape? * raise plants or animals or other vegetable or mineral?
This is the hands-on category. Do you have manual skills and, if so, what specifically can you do well? More importantly, do you enjoy it? Many people have turned hobbies they love into full-time, paying work. List the skills you have as associated with any of these categories. Also list the things you dislike doing, too. Finding that job you love is as much avoidance of things you hate as things you love to do.
Information. The final category in this part of the evaluation process is seeing how good you are and how much you enjoy working with ideas, concepts, information, specific data and technology. There are four categories to concern yourself with. Do you like creating, storing, managing or putting this information to good use?
Creating. Are you particularly good at:
* gathering information by observation? * gathering information through research? * searching for data? * imagining ideas or concepts? * inventing? * sensory feelings? * designing?
Storing. Once you've assembled the information are you good at:
* storing or filing records in file cabinets, microfiche, audio or video cassette? * bookkeeping? * computer storage? * retrieving the information once stored? * helping others retrieve the information? * keeping track of details? * memorizing? * filming or recording? Managing. You must do something with the data or information you've assembled and stored. Are you good at:
*analyzing your data? * organizing? * classifying? * planning? * accounting? * writing? * painting? * drawing? * problem solving? * evaluating your data? * programming? * prioritizing? * decision-making? * dramatizing? * comparing with other data? Using The Data. Once you've decided to use the information, are you good at:
* disseminating the information? * demonstrating? * putting it to some use? * showing it to individuals or groups? * publishing? * reporting?
At this point, you should total up your positives and negatives (what you don't like or aren't very good at) in this category. You now have three categories and you should combine the lists of advantages and disadvantages to see what your strong suit(s) are. You may find that you like observing people and taking this information and writing a script and then putting it on video or film. This comes from seriously analyzing each of these categories and finding a consistency in what you love and what you're good at. Your next step would be to look at more specifics rather than generalities.
Specifics: It's time to look at items you specifically like to work with. The following list should help you check yes or no to a number of things. Keep in mind that this is by no means a complete list and you should add your own thoughts to this of items you either like or dislike to make it more complete. Remember, this is your list, your career, your life, so make it as close to what fits you as possible. We're merely giving you suggestions to help your frame of reference.
Office Products: Clothing: - desk - all types of clothes - computer - dyes - switchboard - shoes and boots - word processor - sewing machine - pen or pencils - umbrella, raincoat, poncho - printers - buttons or zippers - software - patterns - office machines - knitting
Household Goods: Material:
- furniture - paper - appliances - stone - dishes - aluminum - laundry - cement - blankets - pottery - wallpaper - plants - clocks - bricks - pots and pans - wood - burglar/fire alarms - bronze - chimneys - pewter - carpet - cloth - paint - steel - tools - brass - tents - papier-mGchT
Electronic: Financial
- television - calculator - camera - money - stereo - adding machine - videotape recorders - money market accounts - radios - cash register - radar equipment - ledgers - movie equipment - financial records - tape recorder - stocks - records,CDs,cassettes - futures
Recreation: Communication:
- musical instrument - telephone - games - short-wave radios - gambling - telegraph - board games - answering machines - sporting events - fax machines - kites - printers
Transportation: Medical:
- bicycles - x-ray machines - automobiles - lab testing - trains - medicine - airplanes - prosthetics - hot air balloons - dental equipment - boats - anesthetics - subways - vitamins - motorcycles - hearing aids - RV's - eyeglasses Equipment: Miscellaneous:
- guns - books - gym apparatus - newspapers - fishing rods - videos - lawnmowers - magazines - garden tools - overhead transparencies - rakes - candles - traps - batteries - axes - lasers - pesticides - engravings - plows - lithographs - harvesters - paintings - threshers - silk-screens - shovel or pick - microscope - tractor - telescope - handtrucks - toys - sander - food - drill - wine or beer making
Your list should be fairly complete. If you've followed your true nature, you should begin to see a pattern; similarities indicating the type of work you were destined to do. If your interest is in film and cameras and filmmaking, that will be clear as you review your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses from these lists. Now you need to refine and focus.

Cutting Down the Territory
Next. let's look at specific knowledge you might possess. Run through the following list, add to it and list the knowledge you currently have. Second, go through the list again and identify the knowledge you would like to have. This will give you two current snapshots: what you know now and what you'd like to know in the future. The latter will define your future educational goals. It may be in areas you believe you'd enjoy if only you had a little more education.
No problem. It may be that a little more learning is needed to advance into what you truly want to do. There's no reason you can't take classes in those specific disciplines. There's no reason you can't work at an entry- level position in that industry and learn as you go. Often, a company may pay for your future education if it is in the skill areas of their field. So list the desires as well as your current expertise.
* psychology * chemistry * physics * cinema * foreign language * management * personnel recruiting * insurance benefits * geography * history * art * broadcasting * accounting * taxes * marketing * sales * computer programming * aerobics * graphic arts * religion * horticulture * government contracts * politics * teaching * interior design * architecture * vehicle repair * travel * systems analysis * astronomy * research * packaging and distribution * import/export * merchandising * machine operation * graphic arts * photography
List all of the fields you like in priority arranged by most knowledge of and likes. List the fields you are interested in and believe you'd like but need more training and education. Keep these lists handy and separate.
Now, it's time to decide location. Are you tired of where you live? Would you like to live somewhere else? Is this the town you grew up in but have never seen any other place? Have you gone somewhere on vacation and thought about how great it would be to live there?
Part of cutting down the territory and focusing your job search efforts is to select the area you'd like to practice your skills and talent and apply them to a wage paying job. There's not much progress made if you find work you like but you still dislike everything else about your living situation. Finding a good job also means finding it in the location you like best.
So, get out to the library and consult a couple of publications like Places Rated Almanac and identify your top five places to live. Narrow down an area and then specific towns. Then, find out the number for the local Chamber of Commerce and see how you can get more information about not only the place itself but the businesses located in the area that are in the field(s) you've narrowed down for yourself. These local chambers are glad to send out information and would be equally happy to see you move in and become a member of the community. There are lots of tremendous places to live in this country. Take advantage of it!
You say you're interested in Arizona? Where? Phoenix? Tucson? Kingman? Bullhead City? Pick an area and start to accumulate information. If it's possible to visit, by all means get out and see it.
Now you have areas and locations and lists of businesses in those areas. Now's the time to narrow it down. Select the top two areas and hone in on finding work.
Update your resume. There are dozens of books out there on this subject. Craft it the way the experts suggest. Do it by skills if that tells more about you than where you've actually worked. Find out about local schooling programs in the areas of your choice in the event you need further education in the areas you want to do more with. Don't move anywhere that doesn't have jobs in the areas you like and are good at or intend to improve your skills.
Finally, begin to make contacts with personnel. Find out if there are local job hot-lines and other employment identification features. Certainly make contact with specific businesses that you've already identified as possibilities.
As you start to accumulate your information with which to narrow down the territory in terms of location, skills and interest, there are a number of resources you can tap, the majority of which are either free or have a nominal cost to obtain the information that can help you decide your future.